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Minot Reports leverages the collective knowledge of the legal and risk management communities to give you up-to-date and affordable news and analyses about the legal challenges facing the industries in which you operate or serve and how liability insurance might work in the event of a claim or loss.

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Sample Reports

UNIVERSAL RISKS: Your Board of Directors: Considering Whether to Settle a Claim? Involve Your Insurer.


Liability policies, including directors and officers (D&O) policies, typically require that the policyholder, among other things, cooperate with, and obtained the prior written consent of, the insurer in settling the underlying claim(s) for which insurance is requested.

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reportThe explosion in growth of breweries necessarily brings with it new and additional exposures that must be managed effectively. Here are some of the kinds of risks that breweries are contending with these days.

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CONSTRUCTION: Completed Operations; Are You Covered?

reportThe timing of when someone purportedly hurts themself as a result of the design or construction of a building or structure is important for purposes of liability insurance. Depending on the terms of the insurance coverage may not exist to the extent the accident takes place after the building or structure is complete.

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NONPROFITS: Employee­ Related Exclusions; They Might Not Apply.

reportIt is not wrong to think that a nonprofit’s general liability insurance is unlikely to pay for a claim brought by an employee. Most general liability policies contain exclusions concerning, and other types of insurance exist to cover, injuries to or damages suffered by an employee during or as a result of their employment.

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Making informed decisions about an organization’s risks and insurance depends in part on knowing how those same risks have affected other organizations like it, including whether insurance responded to mitigate the costs incurred to resolve the matter. That kind of information, however, can be costly to generate. Drawing upon the collective knowledge of the legal and risk management communities, Minot Reports brings you understandable and affordable information about the risks businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits face and how insurance might be structured and managed to maximize coverage in the event of a claim or loss.

Minot Reports also works directly with risk professionals to gather, customize and repurpose information and content to demonstrate the importance of and complexities involved in managing risk.

We hope you find Minot Reports useful as you manage the risks of your organization or those you serve, and we urge you to Contact Us for any reason. We want to hear from you whether it is simply to figure out where next to look for help or to suggest ways in which our content can be modified, expanded, or customized to better serve your needs. Your input is important to us.

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